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An American born, quickly becoming a new rising star, Tennessee based singer who lived his earlier life in the city of Memphis. Before becoming a professional singer and a song writer, Lavell One worked his way through different churches, singing in choirs as well as directing the choirs which really helped him in polishing his skills. Having a strong drive and determination of traveling around the world, he got around a brilliant idea of working for an airline which would mean a lot of travelling through famous cities of the world. He has been a real hard worker since a very young age and now finally able to create and release his own songs which are gaining popularity exponentially.

Youngest of the two brothers and a sister, Lavell One always keeps his family closer to his heart, especially his mother and his siblings as there is nothing more important than family to him. He has sibling on the side of his father as well but that side of the family he doesn’t see as much.

As we all know, being an African American is not easy as one could think. But to him, his dream is the most important and any difficulty or obstacle in the way would never stop him in achieving those. Going to church on Sundays always fascinated him as with different styles of music, there was always something new for him to learn there. That was the reason he sang in the choir and later directed the choir in different churches.

Singer, songwriter, music enthusiast. You name it! Lavell one is all of them including much more. Regardless of many ups and downs in his life and his music career over the years, he has always found a way through the debris and come back stronger than ever before. Music brings out many range of emotions from within a person. Different people are attached to different types and kinds of music genres. Working with music has been a huge part of his life and one of my dreams is to become a successful artist in the world of music and put a smile on the face of every person who listens to his music. A superstar who has a strong grip on his music abilities, song writing and his production capabilities. 

There have been many inspirations in his life as he inspired to be a renowned artist in the world of music. As a young kid, he looked up to many great artists and song writers including Rev Al Green, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, BB King, Frank Sinatra, James Brown and most importantly Sam Cooke. All these artists have inspired and have been a huge part in his music journey. We can clearly notice shades of these artists within his poetry and songs writing styles. But listening and following the steps of these inspirations is not enough. Lavell One wants to create his own unique style which people who know him by. A style that would become a trademark of Lavell one songs. 

Once he decided to leave his birth country, Lavell One never looked back and started to rediscover his love for music. Landing in Australia, he performed in different wedding ceremonies and private parties which allowed him to get acquainted with many people in the world of music. 

Living in Sydney, Australia has not been all walk in the park for him. His life’s biggest fall was when he got mixed up with an MP, Paul Gibson, of a town named Blacktown. He was accused of assaulting Blacktown MP Paul Gibson and causing him serious bodily harm. Long story short, after many inconsistent stories from the MP which shows lack of evidence of assault, many trials and passed judgements, after which many of the people would have given up, the charges were dropped and he managed to get through to make his dreams come true.

Juggling between his full time job and his passion in music, it was difficult for him to make both work. Traveling through Japan, Germany and then back to America in 2017, he decided to pursue his passion in music full time after leaving his job once and for all. Learning and creating music, he had to move back to Germany for his music passion to thrive. 

Taking a different direction, choosing to lean into a gigantic collection of sounds and styles, to bring a wider show of emotions and topics. He is passionate about his music thereby, working with various artists and influencers. Other artists’ who are true to their stories and imperfections influence his style of life in his music. 

He writes and sings unusual, exciting original songs while also breathing new life into traditional and modern songs. A confident and unique vocalist, with a blend of harmony with different instruments he has a hypnotic and irresistible voice.

Working on different types of music, his main focus and interest is in R&B, pop and most importantly in house music of EDM genre. In collaborations with various artists, Lavell One has released multiple unique songs over the past couple of years. His latest song “Dance with me” featuring Nicky Parrish has been getting a lot of hype and attention, and rightly so!  

So what are you waiting for? Go and checkout his latest releases and don’t forget to show some love and follow him so he can continue to create dazzling compositions and write lyrics that would take your heart away.


New  Single  Releases  

AUGUST  28,  2020 

"Y E S T E R D A Y"





Released on July 20, 2020





Life is short, Live it.

Love is rare, Grab it.  

Anger is bad, Dump it.

Fear is awful, Face it.

Memories are sweet, Cherish it....





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