Lavell One


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Released on March 5, 2020

Lavell One - Dont Go 

Released on March 14, 2019

DON'T GO - The words speak for itself. Don't Go was based on falling for something or someone in the past that you have to face the truth that one day you will express how you feel to that person by in song or in the words or in messages. It might make things better or worse but know that it takes the pain from inside to let that person know your true feelings about what's going on in life or with this relationship.


Lavell One Ft. Nicky Parrish  - Dance With Me 

Wow, Yes its true, its out Now  MY New Song / Single Titled Dance With Me. It features an amazing artist and friend Nicky Parrish.  This song came about seating on the sunny beach on San Diego, California. I overheard someone saying,"Hold on we are going for a ride" then all the other words, just came together in less than a hour... One of the fastest songs I wrote. Brings back memories of riding my motorcycle to the beach and having good BBQ's at the beach with friends! Stay tuned in to my next single coming soon!!!

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