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Talented singer, songwriter, Lavell One to drop two singles in quick succession


Multifaceted American entertainer, Lavell One, set to release two new singles titled “Yesterday” and

“Memories,” where he chronicles events that shaped his life

Lavell One is at it again as the American singer, songwriter is set to thrill his fans and millions of lovers of good music to his melodious voice with the release of 2 amazing songs in quick succession. Titled “Yesterday” and “Memories,” the songs are set to be dropped in line with the singer’s goal of using his talent as a tool to inspire millions of people across the globe.

Over the years, tons of musicians and other creative minds have gone into the world of entertainment. This has led to a series of evolution in the industry, as fans continue to get different styles of music and sounds from their favorite acts. The emergence of several young and talented artists as well as the fusion of conventional works have also added some twists and turn to the industry, with the new acts seemingly carving a niche in the highly competitive and dynamic music business. However, there seems to be a deviation from the true essence of music that has endeared millions of people to the art. With most of the songs coming out of speakers in recent times lacking any relatable content, it has become imperative for artists to bring back the lost glory of the music world. This is where the likes of Lavell One are looking to make a difference.

Born in Memphis, TN, where most of his inspiration comes from soul singers, such as Al Green to BB King and Shirley Ceaser and James Brown, Lavell One has come a long way, making his new song titled Dance With Me, in the sunny side of San Diego, California, where he featured Nicky Parrish. Lavell One is looking to build on the success of the single as he drops ''Yesterday'' on August 27th, 2020, and ''Memories'' on September 24th, 2020. He also performed cover songs in 2010 of the BoilerHouse of Manly, Australia.

In the songs, Lavell One attempts to take listeners on a journey into his life experiences, detailing personal events in his life and how the society treated him for trying to express himself. The American singer reflects on these events and how they have shaped his journey through life. Listeners can be guaranteed of having an amazing listening experience as Lavell One has had his fair share of obstacles, including landing in trouble in Australia, which led to a hiatus from the music scene for years.

For more information about the soon-to-be-released songs and other works from Lavell One, please visit Facebook.


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